Here at SURF CITY,  we understand that today’s hectic world can be hard on our bodies. Stress and unhealthy temptations lay waiting around every corner. Who hasn’t succumbed at some point or other and damaged themself in the process?

But, the unfortunate truth is, the world we have is the world we have. Don’t expect it to repair itself any time soon. However, the good news is, that doesn’t mean we can’t repair ourselves and live the best lifestyle we can possibly live! And when you’re living your best lifestyle, the world becomes a better place!

That’s why we’ve developed the SURF CITY DIET, to help you find balance in this ever changing landscape! We can’t promise to solve all your problems, but, with our support, we can help you feel healthier and happier, so you have the confidence and equilibrium to deal with those problems a whole lot better!

Before you know it, you’ll be looking at the world through whole new eyes! 

Bringing the Beach Home with You...

It’s easy to feel balanced and relaxed on a beach. The sun warms you, the ocean cools you, the rhythmic sound of the surf puts your mind at ease. The air is so fresh! The sky and ocean always beautiful, and sometimes spectacular,  you might wish you could stay forever!

If only that were realistic, but we all know it’s not. For most of us, life is just too complex. At some point, we have to return home, return to responsibility, and everything that comes with it.

That’s why we’ve designed the SURF CITY DIET to be so much more than just eating for maximum health. We want to offer you total support! Like a day on the beach, the SURF CITY Family strives to keep you connected with your happier, higher self!

Our comprehensive approach features one-on-one coaching, email support, excellent content, and free, all natural, body-balancing  supplements to help kick-start you at being your best! We want to be there for you in every way possible!

Come! Nestle beneath the SURF CITY Family’s wing and we’ll help keep you soaring above the waves!

Work with me

I’m your worst enemy turned soulful health and mind coach. Here’s how I can help

Private Coaching for you & your goals

We at the SURF CITY DIET understand just how easy it is to start a new diet, excited and ready to go, only to see your enthusiasm wane as time goes on. That’s why we stress one-on-one coaching as a vital part of our program. Our lack of private support will help keep you on track.

The Heart of SCD

The SURF CITY DIET combines tried and true techniques with modern science to give you the most efficient and effective health plan ever. Finally, a diet designed for each individual’s  unique needs!

Develop your mind and soul

Nothing impacts your mood more than your overall health. Healthy body, healthy mind. The SURF CITY Family recognizes this link and strives to approach your health on both fronts, giving you the best advice for your body, along with the support you need to maintain a healthy attitude!  

Gain your confidence

Health and confidence go hand in hand. A healthy body has abundant energy, the energy necessary to confront any challenge. And let’s face it, when we feel good, we look good. Few things are more attractive than a healthy body. And recognizing how attractive you really are? That generates even more confidence!

Join our VIP group of Amazing individuals

Maintaining excellent health is easier when you surround yourself with other people interested in doing the same thing. Join our VIP Facebook group to connect with hundreds of other members of our SURF CITY Family.

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