Bringing it All Together

The process of being the best version of yourself starts from within. As important as external favors are, you also need to mentally and spiritually prepare yourself to change yourself, get outside the comfort bubble, and start to love your body. The key to starting this process is to just start. Whether you are afraid or have failed countless times before. You don’t have to complete every task in this guide.

Instead, you can start with the part that excites you the most—even if you are unready for it. After all, you’ll be 5% closer to your goal than if you didn’t put in any effort at all.

Start by evaluating the thing that you may want to improve in yourself. Then reflect back and create a list of the habits you want to change and the factors that fuel your bad habits. For example, if Instagram is adding more toxicity to your life, have a look at your following and start unfollowing anyone who doesn’t add value to your life.

Instead, you can choose to use social media constructively and follow inspiring accounts that can make your regular scrolling a bit more productive. As humans, we are creatures of habit. So small changes to your daily routine can gradually snowball to yield substantial results in your life.