Welcome to the Course

How many times have you written a complete workout and diet plan, consulted fitness enthusiasts in your social circle, and browsed for hours online to motivate you and get you to stick to your fitness goals?

Studies show that 73% of the people who set weight loss as their New Year’s Resolution give them up. There are many reasons for it but they all trace back to having short-term motivating and punishment factors. These “short-term” motivation factors may include trying to fit into your favorite dress or your partner coding you for weight gain. Although they kick-start your journey, it’s challenging to keep up with goals in the long run.

Being the best version of yourself means forgetting to think about the numbers of the scale, the freedom to separate your emotions from your decisions, wake up to a refreshed mind, and natural craving for the sizzling hot roasted chicken with avocado salad on your countertop.

As weight loss is more of a mental process than a physical one, you need to start the process from within. Your goal is to take your current mental and physical condition and create a plan that will help you lose weight and maintain that mindset for a long time.

Before you begin this process, it’s crucial to let go of the old limiting beliefs and open your mind to change. You can do this by simply having a deep conversation with yourself. Spend a week trying to stay in silence for a while. There is no music to fill the void, no mindless scrolling or chats—it’s just you and your thoughts. It will help you recognize the perceived version of your physical, mental, and spiritual health. You know who you are, but do you know what you could be? Are you living your life according to your convictions, or are you following the perspective of others?  This mindset shift will help you see the other side of the situation and make you think about your strengths.

Give yourself space to acknowledge that you aren’t in the best state of life, but this isn’t the end, either. Then you focus on growth and find a vision for yourself. Imagine the person you want to be in the next five years. Next, identify the fear that is robbing your reality and restricting you from taking action. After that, commit to making a change. Even if it’s finishing this course.

Assuming you are here, it would be safe to say that you are already in the self-awareness stage. In this guide, you will get a complete overview of why you are struggling to lose weight, become aware of your insecurity, set healthy goals, and a comprehensive weight loss plan that will make you the best version of yourself in 90 days. Right after that, you will leave the guide with a complete, actionable plan to maintain a consistent routine and how to use sleep and visualization in your favor to lose weight.