Spiritual: How to See the Brighter Side of Life

Accentuate all the positives

Always keep a journal with you. In each of the entries, underline all the good things that might have happened to you and the things that you have recently enjoyed, and fully concentrate on them. Consider carefully how they came about and what you can further do to keep them coming.

Eliminate the negatives

If you find that you are ruminating on the negative situations, do something, anything to short circuit that little train of thoughts. Turn on your favorite music, reread a novel that you absolutely love, or get in touch with a good friend, anything really.

Sure, too much positivity is toxic too. But if you are feeling down, try to see an opportunity and acknowledge what you’ve learned with every despair. This way, you can have hope and a plan to put your knowledge into action and move outside of this sorrow.

Act locally

Don’t unnecessarily fret about your inability to influence local-global affairs. Instead, try to do something that can bring a small yet positive change, such as donating some of your no longer used clothes to a relief organization, helping clean and or replanting a neighborhood park, or maybe volunteering at an after-school program. Once you are in a better mood, you can use that mood to make more changes and boost your weight-maintaining journey.