Spiritual – How To Overcome Body Insecurities

When it comes to body insecurities, it can range from your face, thighs, belly, and all the way to the other parts of yourself.

Body insecurity comes off in waves yet on and off. There can be times when you feel a little comfortable with your look, but you also think that nothing feels right about you. Body insecurity overall is pretty annoying, and it keeps you from being yourself while additionally depleting your self-confidence.

So, it will be much better to overcome that insecurity, and in case you do not know how here are some scenarios and ways to combat it.

1. Practice positive self-talk

Knowingly, we ourselves happen to be our most prominent critics. We naturally know ourselves best, so it will also prove to be really easy to nitpick all our little mistakes from everything we do. So, a thing you could do is start pasting positive notes and affirmations in your workspace and start opening the window to allow some sunshine inside. These might seem like worthless and minor steps to some, but these things do help a lot, as staying in a happy and positive environment enables you to stay less focused on some of your struggles.

2. Take yourself outside

Sometimes when you feel as if you are stuck in a rut somewhere, going outside for a little fresh air and having a short walk really helps a lot. Whether you are walking along the streets, to a shop to get some snacks, to meet a friend, or just walking while listening to some music, just getting a chance to get out of your head physically and mentally really helps a ton, and by the time you are back, you feel calmer than before.

3. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

You shouldn’t be scared and come more openly about your insecurities and mental awareness. As you do that, you will learn that as you become more and more open about your struggles, you will find yourself connecting to others better and may even be met with people facing the same struggles as you.

Don’t be afraid to present your vulnerability, as there might just be so many others that would not just relate to you but might also be wishing that they had someone with whom they could share their struggles without judging them.

Vulnerability does not necessarily have to be a weakness. If used the right way, it can present as a form of strength. So it’s OK to let your guard down at times.

4. Be more mindful of how you treat your body

As some people put it, “you are what you eat”. If you carefully monitor yourself in a week where you are continuously stressed by eating fast food and sugar, and in a week where you eat balanced food in mindful proportions, you will realize the difference. For example, the week where you were stressed eating in, you might find yourself wide awake in the mornings; however, you would crash when sleeping and would overall feel worse compared to the week where you eat healthily.

You should be a lot more careful as to how you treat your body because how you end up physically does undoubtedly affect you mentally.

5. Be patient with yourself

Above all and everything, start being patient. Changes, recovery, and healing all take plenty of time. If setting goals, make sure that they are realistic ones, especially as you are racing against anyone other than who you yourself are.

So always remember that you are more than all your struggles, and remember that everyone is overall rooting for you on your journey to become the utter best version of yourself.