Mental: How to Find the Motivation to Workout Every Day

You’re aware that exercise is good for you, however doing it is a whole different thing, as sometimes the little voice in our head tells us just to do it tomorrow or the day after wins. When this happens, it can be tough to follow through with your plans to prioritize fitness.

That’s precisely when motivation plays a big hand to help.

So, here are ways on how to find motivation.

Lighten up your goals

This is often a lot, especially if you’re new to exercising, as you end up making a fitness goal that is just too out of reach for you at the moment.

Beginners usually want to go for maximal goals. However, they, most often than not, end up with two overwhelming plans. So, as stated in the article previously, don’t start off with a goal like an hour every day. Instead, try exercising 20 to 30 minutes two to three times a week for the first month.

Find your purpose

You can’t always count on external factors such as a vacation to motivate you, as this would only manage to take you that far. Instead, finding and defining your “why” for your exercise will allow for a person or an emotional investment in your goals, which would lead you to better yourself.

Track your progress

Get creating a chart for your workouts, whether you’re doing it online or go old-school with a fitness journal. Whether you’re running faster, doing more reps, or you’re working out more often, improvement motivates you to keep ongoing.

Find a challenge to join

So wherever you want to do it, there’s already a challenge for it. Whether it’s a squat challenge, plank challenge, daily exercise challenge, the list just keeps dragging on. The good part would be that as there are so many challenges to choose from, you’ll be getting no trouble in the slightest to find multiple of them and competing in them to get better as well.

Focus only on yourself

The world is huge and there always is someone who is fitter, faster, and or more flexible than you. However, don’t compare yourself to them as that would be the biggest mistake you could make, simply forget about them. Do not let negative thoughts about that deter you from your main goal. Your workout time is wholly for you and is about you.

Decrease guilt

Let’s get real for a second here. No matter what, you’re going to end up missing a day or two, it’s the inevitable truth. Once you are willing to accept that there will end up being a few side steps on your fitness journey, you’ll be much better mentally prepared to deal with any setbacks that might await you.

Don’t let despair become an excuse for you to give up.

Listen to a podcast

Listen to a podcast that you have been wanting to listen to, and only turn it up when you’re working out. This then gives you a thing to look forward to when an oncoming gym session doesn’t sound much appealing.