Spiritual: Guided Visualization to Exercise

Visualization can be an incredibly powerful tool for weight loss. It’s able to harness the power of the connection between the mind and body. Before you go about to lose weight or even accomplish any major goal, you must first be able to see yourself doing it with your mind’s eye. You actually use creative visualization every day even if you’re probably unaware of that certain fact. When you daydream or conjure up pictures of food and or people, or anything really, you are actually using creative visualization.

Visualization can be able to focus your mind, catalyze your emotion, and even be able to provide powerful motivation to help keep you on track towards your ultimate goal of weight loss. Visualization can come in to help manage various stressful states and even keep you motivated when you are met up with temptation and cravings.

Researchers have managed to find that the human brain can actually not tell the difference between something real and something imagined. Even top athletes have managed to successfully use visualization to reach their goals for years.

Having clear visualization also happens to be one of the most powerful ways to invoke the existing law of attraction.

The law of attraction states that you are able to create your reality through the power of your own thoughts. Such as attracts like. Your mind happens to be quite like a magnet that is attracting experiences to you that go with the vibration or the energetic content of your thoughts.

Creative visualization happens to harness the energy of your imagination to successfully manifest what you desire. By visualizing yourself with your perfect weight you are sending out quite a powerful intention into the universe stating that you are officially ready to achieve that weight yourself.

By visualizing yourself as a much slimmer person, your subconsciousness will be led to begin to believe that you are this new person. Eventually, your subconscious will then begin to assist you in further achieving your goal. You also begin to start acting according to this newer version of yourself.

As you begin focusing on your positive intent to lose weight, you will start to attract numerous experiences that are aligned with your main motive. You will be able to feel further motivated to lose weight and exercise. Many experiences and people will begin to show up to help assist you with achieving your goal. You will further find yourself much more interested in healthy foods. Your outer reality will slowly yet surely start to mimic and or align with your inner reality.

Every single thing in this universe is made up of energy. Thoughts are also a form of energy. You might have heard the famous saying “Thoughts are things” All thoughts are creative in one way or another. When you are overweight and or obese your attention is focused negatively. You are obsessed with fat, foods, diets, calories, losing weight, and etc. You are entirely focused on the problem.

The key to successfully using the law of attraction and visualization is to stay focused on what exactly it is that you need and what you want to create. Visualization is thinking in pictures.

Once you have put your all into your goal, you will have successfully achieved it and your hard work will not go in vain.